Veronica Mars Update

Good Lord DO I LOVE COMIC CON!!! Every year around this time, I always get these massive amounts of emails informing me of everything that I’m missing out on the other side of the country where they actually get all the cool people in the comic and hollywood world together to talk about some of the best shows on TV, the latest and greatest in the graphic novel world and of course, movies. It’s like a creatives playground.

Now that I’m done daydreaming, here’s what I got from an update on the up coming Veronica Mars movie. The best news being that there is only TWO DAYS of filming left for the production AND the movie is set to be released in EARLY 2014. The next best news being as many details as they gave out. So Veronica is a big shot lawyer in New York, apparently there’s a scene with Jamie Lee Curtis, and she goes back to Neptune for a class reunion and obviously to solve a mystery. According to Creator Rob Thomas, the movie has a very Godfather III feel to it…. whatever that means. And Kristen revealed a piece of dialogue she had on the first day of shooting: “Charming drink names! I can’t decide between a Beast with Two Backs or a Donkey Punch. Oh, do you think they’d let me order a virgin Devirginator?” Why do I feel like that’s a reference to the first season with the whole ‘I don’t remember losing my virginity’ story line? And if it is, there’s a piece of me that’s thinking that’s just not cool and the other piece is thinking, what exactly would that taste like?veronica-mars-comic-con 2013

The Rolling Stone Cover You’ll Hate

Rolling Stone Cover 2013

Right now a lot of you are wondering why the F*** I would post something like this and I have three words for you, BECAUSE I CAN. That’s right, it’s a free country and according to my constitutional rights, I have every right to post this cover if I want to. And I have to say, the same goes for Rolling Stone Magazine. At the end of the day, yes it was in poor taste for them to make this photo their cover, BUT it took MAJOR HUEVOS for the magazine to print this cover. The best part, most people don’t even realize that by giving this cover all the attention in the world, it will just give the magazine more free press. You might say, yea but this is bad press Crystal… I hate to break it to you my loyal readers, there REALLY is NO such thing as bad press. All press is good press. Why you ask? Because it’s FREE. And anything that is FREE in this day and age, is a good thing.

What the “outraged” community has been claiming is that, RS’s cover is meant for Rock Stars. Really!?!? Have you seen some of the recent people on this cover? If being a Rock Star is a requirement, their editor is blind in one eye and can’t see out the other (EX: Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Taylor Lautner). And to clear up another claim, NO ONE said for ONE SECOND that RS was glamorizing this guy. It was people that saw the cover and automatically jumped to conclusions. If you read the fine print they call him a “MONSTER.” Before you get all defensive and pissed at me, I lived in Boston for 4 and a half years and when I saw those bombs go off, I cried realizing that my school was a mere two blocks away. I want this guy to get what’s coming to him and I think that making sure every person in America knowing what he looks like is just a piece of the very large punishment he deserves. He’ll never be safe here… that’s for damn sure.