New Year Hopes

In Cuban tradition, at midnight on New Year’s we ate 12 grapes and make a wish for each grape. Turns out there was a lack of grapes at the bar last night. Instead, I came up with a list of different thing I’m looking forward to in 2011. Check it out, leave a comment, do whatever. It’ 2011!

1. Watching last nights performances on TiVo. Thank god for that fast forward button.

2. New Kids on the Block and BSB in CONCERT! (That’s right. I love’ em! Don’t hate. :-P)

3. Actually listening to Kanye’s new album. Yea I know. I usually wouldn’t be into it since he’s not my favorite anymore but come on! No one gets 5 STARS on a Rolling Stone Review.

4. Julie Andrews Autobiography. For the record I’ve already started it and it’s awesome but I gotta finish it!

5. Another year of awesome Twitter Updates. I have to say, my favorite people to follow are Stephen Colbert and Dane Cook. They really are so funny people.

6. EMI. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the hell those guys are gonna be able to make it through another year.

7.SXSW! Hell yea baby! If it’s as good as it was last year, I sure the hell am looking forward to going this year.

8. Broadway Across America in Houston. West Side Story, Billy Elliot, Cats, and Mamma Mia. Okay I’m not big on Cats, but the other ones I’m completely EXCITED about. Can you tell?

9. Yogi Bear The Movie. Yup, so so so excited. Yogi was the bomb back in the day.

10. Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo. It’s the time of the year in Houston where it’s okay to be a hick. And I really can’t wait to see Zac Brown Band. They’re gonna rock.

11. Halloween. I know it’s far off but it’s my favorite of all the holidays. You know I’m already thinking about what I’m gonna be.

12. The return of my favorite TV shows. Especially Bones and Glee. I’m really curious as to what they’re going to do with both shows. I feel like there’s only so many ways they can take these stories at this point.

I’m sure there’s way more but 12 seems like enough. HAHA. Here’s to wishing everyone a happy New Year and if you feel like it, let me know what you’re 12 wishes are. Be Safe.


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