Song Leaks

Song Leaks

I’m going through my google alerts that I get every day letting me know what the top stories in music are. So naturally I get a lot of stuff about the current artists that really just get on my nerves away. In the past week I’ve receive over 250 stories. Wanna guess how many were about songs that have been leaked online? Yes, I know, most of the time it’s not really a leak so much as it is a PR attempt to grab people’s attention. And of course it works. Honestly, if you really think about it, if the song was leaked would it really be completely finished? With all the production effects and the final mix being played? It all just sounds like a plot to me.

As a gift from me to you, here are the leaks that seemed to be the most popular. JT leaked song “Take You Down”. Kanye’s music video “Monster.” Eminem’s got two leaked songs, “Cocaine,” and “Difficult.” Taylor Swift’s song “Brought Up That Way.” REM’s song “It Happened Today.” And last but not so least, the Show “X Factor.” Their final song choices got leaked.

Here’s to hoping that there is something on this list that you will enjoy. In the mean time, remember, it may say leaked, but what they really mean is “pre-released.”


One thought on “Song Leaks

  1. JT’s song is very typical of him. It should do well in the dance clubs. It’s kinda catchy. Reminds me of something that could be on the Future Sex album.

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