Justin Bieber says “It’s just good music.”

Justin Bieber says “It’s just good music.”

Justin Bieber told MTV, “Whatever comes out of my mouth is just what you guys are going to hear. I don’t know, it’s not a specific type of music. Whatever music I write, I wouldn’t say I’m pop or R&B or country or anything: I would just say it’s just good music.” One, “whatever comes out of my mouth”? Not a good way to start talking Bieber. Second you are in pop music because the term “pop” refers to “popular” music. You are popular music. Third and lastly, the phrase “good music” no where NEAR describes the caliber of your lack-a-day music. In fact, that description is so far off that I just couldn’t stop myself from clarifying where this annoying 16 year old child belongs in the music industry. And the magic 8 ball says, DISNEY. Why? Well because that’s his only true fan base. Let the little girls around the world enjoy the hell out of him and keep him away from the grown-ups.

Because, and there is no offense intended, Bieber couldn’t handle the grown-ups. The grown-ups would laugh and mock him, give him a swirly and hang him from the school’s flag pole. So maybe in four years he’ll have graduated and we can all at least tolerate the little munchkin.


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