Ode to Chuck Lorre

Ode to Chuck Lorre

Below is a rewrite of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s original poem XLIII. “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…” This adaptation is in honor of writer/creator/producer, Chuck Lorre. Please leave comments below and enjoy.

How do I love thee, Let me count the ways/ From Two and a Half Men to Big Bang Theory, you bring persistance and grace.

I love thee to the depth of Charlie’s $1,500 girlfriend experience and breadth of Mike’s waste line/ My soul can laugh, when feeling out of breath, for the end of Rajah and Howard’s wrestling time.

I love thee to the level of Sheldon and Leonard’s IQ (most quiet need)/ By the sun of Molly’s smile and candle-light meals/ I love thee freely, as Howard strives for Superhero (instead of side kick)/ I love thee purely, as Victoria rolls her joints/ I love thee with Alan’s passion to be right and Jake’s IQ at zero.

In my old shows, and with my channel surfing haste, I love thee with every monday and thursday being a sinner instead of a saint..

I love thee with the breath of Sheldon’s laugh, the smile on Berta’s face, the tears of Rajah’s inhibitions, of all your wonderful shows! / And, if God choose, I shall continuing watching even after each of their final episodes.


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