Peoples Choice 2011

Peoples Choice 2011

Talk about a night of disappointment. I mean, minus the couple of people I was excited about winning but there’s only so much a person can sit through before there’s a sudden urge to change the channel. However, we here at the house, sat around the tv and watched the decision of the people make the rest of us “people” look really bad.

Winners I was happy about: Adam Sandler, Jane Lynch, Hawaii 5-0, and Katy Perry. Let’s get this out there, I love Jane Lynch. Everything I’ve seen her in is bomb. She has the ability to make any scene she’s in revolve around her even if she’s not the main focus. She definitely deserves any award they give her. Hawaii 5-0 I was especially excited about because Alex O’Loughlin definitely deserves some time in the spot light. As well as the rest of the cast. They all have a great on-screen chemistry that really helps bring back memories of the original. “Book’em Dano!”

Winners that made me sad: Grown-Ups, Conan, Neil Patrick Harris, House, Zac Efron, and Bleep My Dad Says. Don’t get me wrong, I like the movie Grown-Ups, I love the comedy brought by Neil Patrick Harris, and Bleep My Dad Says really is a fun show. The only reason I’m really sad about any of these choices was that the shows and actors I like more, didn’t win. For example, I love NPH but Jim Parsons has really won my heart since Amy Farrah Fowler joined the show. And well, somethings telling me that Mike and Molly got robbed.

Winners that pissed me off: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, The Kardashians, Kristen Stewart and Twilight. This one is way too easy to complain about. Taylor Swift is a annoying and has absolutely no talent and I don’t understand why anyone with ears would spend any more than a dollar on anything with her name on it. I feel the exact same way about Selena Gomez. Even more so now since her failed attempted at performing on the Peoples Choice Stage. The Kardashians are just a sad pathetic excuse for women and they have absolutely no business winning anything. Kristen Stewart I really can’t believe because she was up against some of the most talented actresses in the film industry and she still won. And then Movie of the Year really pissed me off because not only were they up against the top grossing movie of 2010, Toy Story 3, they were up against Inception, Iron Man 2, and Alice In Wonderland. And I’m sorry, I saw Eclipse and no offense to them, all of the other movies in this category were better.

My favorite part of this show however was the Queen. The dresses she wore, the parody clip they did. She was awesome. I give her an A++.


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