There’s no such thing as “Good Hair”

Oh at least that’s basically what Chris Rock comes to terms with by the end of his feature film, “Good Hair.” I know, I’m late as hell on this movie but honestly, amongst the many reviews that I read when the movie was first released, it was hard for me to make a decision. This morning, “Good Hair” was on and I just couldn’t change the channel. In fact, throughout the entire movie, I just couldn’t change the channel. It was completely… not bad. It was in fact really interesting. I was surprised. I know that sounds mean but even a lot of my black friends that went to see it, said it was a waste. (By the way if your offend by me calling them my black friends black, I’ve talked to them and only the ones that are from Africa like to be called African Americans.)

I will say that I learned a lot about the back story. I’ve also NEVER seen so much weave in my life. I mean enough weave to make every bold person in the world have hair. Bags being poured out revealing pounds of hair. Which by the way, Indian hair is the best. Which I didn’t know… obviously. Anyway, the point is “Good Hair” really did a very good job at taking black hair and making a documentary. The only part that I really wasn’t happy about was that cocky ass Derek J winning the competition at the end. I do like how Chris Rock was like, “Um… he had 70 people up there and he still wasn’t disqualified?” Because really. How are you gonna have a rule that says, no more than 10 people on the stage and not disqualify a guy who uses 70? Well according to a judge, “They weren’t all on the stage at the same time.” Total BS.

If you haven’t seen it, see it. It’s a good time. I really appreciated how much research and time they took to actually make it as accurate as it was. If I was a mean person I would say that it’s a two hour movie about different kinds of weave but, turns out I’m not that mean. Id you like documentaries, go watch it. You won’t be disappointed.


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