Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Stop Snowing

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Stop Snowing

Oh at least that’s how you would hope most of the Northeastern coast is feeling right now. Have you seen the photos for this crazy weather their having? It a mess up there. Boston is getting hit for inch of snow an hour and those poor New Yorker’s are actually almost in the clear. According to the MORE than preppy announcer, the weather forecast is slight heavy snow until the after noon when it turns into light snow and they should be in the clear for snow by the evening. Check out this report from a one of the Boston new casters. He must be really dedicated to be out there.

With most of the Northeast currently under a state of emergency, everything from schools to airports are not running. And of course this is naturally pissing off anyone that is trying to get out of the Northeast. Earlier I was watching the TODAY show and this is why I had to jump to my computer to share the weather report. Some people are seeing all this weather as a bad thing but there are a couple others worth mentioning that are having way more fun than you ever would expect. For example while watching Al Roker report from Boston, I’m watching these crazy ass people walking through this, what they’re calling a blizzard but really looks like a heavy snow storm. Also earlier in the news cast, there was apparently a man jogging in Boston through this snowy weather. Jogging? Talk about dedication. Only crazy people would be jogging in this kind of weather. Walking in it is hard enough. Another video showed some people in Mississippi were giving rides on couches pulled by a trackers through the snow and in Georgia, a man goes ice skating down the street. Now that’s the way to travel!

Check out some of the photos posted by The TodayShow.com. View all photos here.This mail carrier is walking through the snow in North Carolina to get this mail out. I guess they didn’t lie when they said, “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

The Cox family from Texarkana enjoys having fun in the snow. I just hope they can see where they’re going. And not to sound like a hick but that looks like way too much fun. HAHAHA.

This guy in El Dorado, AR lost control of his car and ended up against this fence. Something is telling he missed a turn somewhere.

And the moral of todays story boys and girls: DON’T LIVE WHERE IT SNOWS THIS MUCH. Unless you want to or really have to. Trust me, that snow is like an evil villain is disguise. It’s all pretty and nice when you first meet and then it GAME ON BITCHES!


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