Wii Music

Okay this one is specifically for you Angelica. I know I’m late as hell on this. See, my wonderful sister got me Wii Music for christmas in 2009. That’s right. I said it. 2009. And after a year of keeping it in the plastic, yes the plastic, last night we were playing and I thought, why not try it out for a minute. I was hooked as soon as I saw the Maestro. First off, he is this adorable looking little man, in a coat and has a baton and a very french looking mustache. He’s your stereotypical conductor. And he talks like Charlie Browns teacher. “Wah wah wah wah wah.”

The next greatest thing about this game is the fact that you have customize your jam session and have people play with you. So when we all picked an instrument and tried playing “Day Dream Believer” it was the funniest thing you would ever see. Especially since none of us knew how the hell to play the instruments. It sounded more like “Day Dream Non-Believer.” But it didn’t matter because the music video was hysterical. And yes, I said music video. You can watch it and decide to keep or chunk it. After a couple million times of practice, we finally got it and played something that sounded like “Day Dream Believer.” And yes, we have the music video. I only wish I could post it on here for every one to see.

In addition to playing jam sessions, taking the lessons, and making my videos, they have a couple of games that are pretty sweet. One of which is playing hand bells. And you better believe I was playing those hand bells like they were really there. It was really cool. Too much fun. So much fun that we played until Modern Family came on. If you haven’t gotten this game or ever played it, go find out. It’s a blast. It’s definitely no Guitar Hero or Rock Band but its still some fun stuff.


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