The Golden Globes: Disappointment or Contentment?

The Golden Globes: Disappointment or Contentment?

It’s one of the biggest parties in Hollywood with all the best actors of TV and Film there to drink and eat and enjoy every minute of the evening. It’s been known to predict the winners of years of Academy Award Ceremonies and manage to piss off the lovers of their personal favorite TV and Film productions.  Below is a break down of tonight’s Golden Globe Awards. Don’t get it twisted, this is just my opinion. Whether you agree or not, leave a comment and give your opinion on tonight’s fun show.

Winners I’m happy about:  First off, Steve Buscemi is just an amazing actor. I, unfortunately, haven’t yet seen Boardwalk Empire but according to some close friends with similar tastes, it’s awesome. Second, Toy Story 3 was AH! MAH! ZING! Pixar did it again. And they do it every time they put those wonderful play time toys on the big screen. Third, Al Pacino. Need I say more? Fourth, Laura Linney has played the very demanding role as the middle-aged woman dying of cancer and trying to start living her life. Every episode was full of fun and laughs that you just couldn’t hold back. I actually can’t wait for the show to come back this summer just to see where the hell they’re going to go with it all. Fifth, he’s on one of my favorite shows and he’s from my city, Houston, Jim Parsons by far, so happy he won. I’m really happy for him and the show because they’ve been passed over since the beginning of their run and it’s only fair that they finally get their time in the spotlight. Sixth and lastly, Colin Firth. I also haven’t had the pleasure to see The King’s Speech, but after watching several clips and interviews, I can more than easily say, Colin Firth deserves this honor.

Winners I’m sad about: Okay, I really haven’t liked Christian Bale since he grew up, so there’s that. Trent Reznor, I’m a fan of Nine Inch Nails but you got no business writing scores to movies. And it’s amazing that he won since he was up against 2 WELL established and honored composers of Hollywood. David Fincher, I wasn’t too upset about this but I was a little sad. Again my favorites The King’s Speech and Inception got burned on this award. There’s not much more to say. Glee and Chris Colfer. Glee shouldn’t have won. Sorry. The first season was better and awards were more deserved. And Colfer was up against an A CLASS list of much better actors than he is but he still won? I’m sorry Chris, I love you kid but Scott Caan, Chris Noth, Eric Stonestreet and David Strathairn are established actors. You are not.

Winner I’m pissed about: The Social Network. I usually love the Golden Globes every year because winners aren’t always predictable. When they announced that The Social Network won Best Motion Picture Drama, my eyes rolled to the back of my head. With competitors like The King’s Speech and Inception, how the hell did a movie that has been said to not even really tell the “true” story of a true story movie, win Best Motion Picture Drama? The end of the story is, the good movies, the ones that actually were  epic and impressive, got burned. Can you tell I’m pissed?


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