Controversy Friday

Controversy Friday

Good Lord in heaven. Here we go again. OKAY FOLKS! If you never read anything I write ever again after this, I understand. My sympathies but this is the dumbest “controversy” I’ve read in so long it’s just a little too pathetic. So, a bunch of people have been talking about MTV’s new show “Skins” and how it’s practically “teenage porn.” Guess what everyone!? If its “teenage porn,” it’s the lowest of the low pornography I’ve ever seen. In fact, if the scenes don’t get any dirtier, the “adult” audience MTV wants to attract ain’t gonna come. And if they really wanted to get an adult audience, then they should put adults on the damn show. News flash, none of us wanna watch high schoolers do stupid $h*t.

Come on People! See with your eyes not your minds! The fact of the matter is, you think that your children don’t do drugs or drink alcohol and yea there are a small percentage of teenagers that go throughout high school without damaging their insides, but if you believe that every teenager never does any of those things…YOU ARE BLIND! And I mean way more blind than any legally blind person. If everyone would just accept the fact that kids are discovering and exploring their sexuality way earlier in life than they used to, this wouldn’t be anywhere near an issue. Yes, it’s a sad story that no parent wants to hear ever but build a bridge, walk over it, and move on. Adolescents do MORE things than they tell mommy and daddy.  Note, the mere definition of adolescent is “in the process of developing from a child into an adult.”

In closing, parents please be aware, you WERE ALSO a teenager and also did lots of stupid things that I’m sure you could write a book about. So before you be a hypocrite and lie to your kids about how you never did anything bad, remember how and where you lost your virginity, had your first drink and snuck out of the house. If your did it once, I’m sure your children will too. And they don’t need a stupid TV show to tell them how and when to do it.


One thought on “Controversy Friday

  1. I agree. I haven’t seen the show but I think people need to actually see it before they jump to conclusions. While I was listening to the discussion about it on the radio on my way to work, people were outraged about the open-mouthed kiss and other stuff. What? You don’t think your kids do this after school or skip class to make out? Please people grow up. I did it. You did it. History repeats itself and your kids will do it too. Thanks.

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