A Bone to Pick With CBS


That’s right, I said I had a bone to pick with CBS. With the AMAZING season they’ve been having across the board, I was more than surprised at the very disappointing and kinda predictable ending to the 7 year stretch that was “Medium.” The show has been on the chopping block since its fourth season and even then, the season finals were ten times better than the one I watched this weekend. *Spoilers ahead*

First off, why did they even have to go and kill Joe like that?  The one thing I always loved about Medium was the relationship between Allison and Joe. No matter what they went through, they always made it together. And yea, I guess that was still the message by the very end of the episode but COME ON! So Joe dies in an airplane crash *snore* and it flash forwards 7 years. Allison’s got this crazy Mexican Mob case that suddenly reveals to her that Joe, in fact, did not die. He actually lost his memory and has been living in Mexico working for the same man Allison is trying to put in jail. It’s ends with her ending up in Mexico finding Joe and the BAM! It was all a dream, Joe really did die and he was trying to give her a flash forward of her life without him and how wonderful it could be. But being the Allison Dubois we all know and love, she changed the dream more to her liking. The final scene is 41 years later on the day of Allison’s death. Her ghost looks at her older dead body, Joe’s ghost says hello, they exchange loving words and then end with a passionate kiss.

WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ABOUT!?!? Even the summary I just wrote made me want to give it a BIG snore. As much as the creators of “Medium” and Reporters were talking up the episode, I was expecting something way more intense and exciting to happen. Something like “Hey Look! Joe made is big with his eco-friendly job, Allison is now the DA, the girls have all gotten to and through college and are happy. Devalos is Major and Lee is Chief of Police.” It would’ve been really nice if after all the crap they’ve gone through they actually got a happily ever after. But NO! They had to go and kill my man Jake Weber. They didn’t even show Bridgette. You saw all of 30 seconds of a very pregnant Ariel and Marie was just… mean, and studying. It was unsatisfying and felt half assed. Bone has been picked.


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