MTV should be a choice

While going through my daily emails of updates from the music industry, I stumbled across something that I found quick interesting. So MTV’s new show “Skins” still has people up in arms and according to the Nielsen Co. ratings, only 1.6 million viewers tuned in this Monday. That’s around HALF of its viewers from the premiere episode last week. This might be more than enough good news for the “Parents Television Council” that have aimed at getting rid of the show since its premiere. The best part of this small piece of news, it the comment made by one of the members of the council:

“MTV used [t0] stand for Music Television. Now it’s become a wasteland of Television Garbage that’s popular with a segment of our society that should be housed in a mental ward. My only wish is that my cable provider would make it a choice, like getting HBO. I would gladly switch to any cable company that would provide me with a choice.”

Wow… I couldn’t have said that better myself!


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