Crazy Weather for Southeast, TX

First of all let me say that I’ve been lacking in the writing department due to Houston’s Center Point Energy needing to do rolling blackouts. No electricity equals no world-wide access. If you’re like me, I’m sure you were using your cell phone too to check emails and other stuff along those lines. So today we’re gonna play catch up.

Now, in case you didn’t know, we here in the southeastern city of the Lone Star State, are having some of the most intense winter weather conditions we’ve had… ever. Right now it’s 29 degrees with a real feel of 14. Most schools are closing before noon time and city workers are running like chickens with their heads cut off to make sure that the roads are ready for the freeze. One things for sure, we Houstonians are not used to or really prepared for winter weather like this. And for others, like me, this weather is just unacceptable. People don’t just live here for the wonderful city life but they live here to avoid having weather conditions like this.

In closing, tips to living through these next two days of ice and a possible snow: cover up – heating blankets are a good thing, make sure you wrap your pipes to avoid a water burst, keep your pets inside or in a warm place in your garage, and finally, if it looks glazed over and shiny, it’s probably ice so don’t drive or walk on it. The end. Check out this link that shows all school closures for the city for today and tomorrow.


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