Super Bowl Glee Style

Let me get one thing start first, FOX’s hit show Glee is not anything near where it was this time last year. It was a fresh and new idea and the fan base was growing by the day. After a season and a half under their belts, the show has definitely changed and gone from fresh to 2 days old. However, yesterday’s special Super Bowl edition of the show reminded me of why I loved the show from the pilot.

The opening scene was intense and very over done but it’s the Cheerios so you can’t expect any less of them. Talk about a lot of fire. There has to be some kind of school rules they were breaking with those things. I love Sue, “I’m bored.” Classic and amazing.  Then during her aside she mentions not being able to feel anything, “Maybe it’s the Raccoon hormones?” There were just too many double entendres for me to come up with that meant more than just a cannon ball gun to shoot out a cheerleader.

In its entire season and a half series, I have never seen such anger and passion on the screen. Serious, TALK ABOUT AN AWFUL WAY TO LOOSE A GAME! Fumble on the hike. And the locker room scene actually frightened me. They’ve always been really good about making the bullying an in-the-back-ground issue but this episode really laid into it. I must admit that throughout the episode I was worried about where exactly it is was going to go. It became even more apparent when Sue went crazy all over the school. “Sue Sylvester is done playing nice.” I didn’t even think she was nice before. Later in the episode Sam gets all up in Finns face for being all up in Quinns face about quitting Glee Club. Sam I like you but you need to get out of my man Finn’s face. Later still, the football players rock the rehearsal and as soon as they get a taste of their own medicine they’re out. Weak punks.

Now for the music: Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now” is such a great song but they picked the wrong lead. I love Rachel for musical theater but you get her out of that genre and her abilities are limited. Puck however, was a great choice for the song. Sweet, rock, and sultry. The duo did an awesome job of putting the Glee twist on this Country Pop Single. Then there was Destiny’s Child’s “Scrubs.” A great and fun 90’s hit sung by the Warblers. First off, Why do they keep doing girl songs? Can you please sing some man songs? And if you’re going to do the girl song, can you do the gender changes?  Don’t get me wrong, it was a GREAT song for them. They kicked serious ass. I loved it but change isn’t a bad thing. Blain is an amazing singer and he killed that song. Every time I hear him sing, he manages to impress me and that is not easily done. And then there was the Half Time show. Dare I say, it was better than the Black Eyed Peas actual Super Bowl Half time show. The cast of Glee really brought it and it rocked my socks off.

And right when you think all is right with the world at McKinley, they pull the rug from under your feet. The football players are back on top and back to hating on the Glee Clubers and… surprise, surprise, Quinn Kisses Finn. Why they are going there, I have no idea but I really hope that this goes away quickly.

Favorite Brittany Quotes: “It’s like a double rainbow” and “Sucks for you.”                                     Rating: 4 Stars


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