Tweets of the Week

In my attempt to keep things entertaining for everyone, I thought it would be a wonderful idea to start posting some of my favorite Tweets from Twitter. Sometimes, the things people say are hilarious, while other times they just don’t make much sense. Today, I’m sticking with sharing the funny bug. Below are some tweets from the past week that just deserve to be shared with everyone. If you’ve got a favorite, share the love, send it to me @CEliseMata. ENJOY!

I am twi-ddicted. I need to go to tweethab. – @Trey_Psalms

#GLEE is frikkin AMAZING! #firework #sillylovesongs – @daveonMIX965

Just saw a Porsche almost run over someone crossing the street on walk signal. Amazed daily more walkers aren’t hit in @DowntownHouston! – @miyashay

‘I don’t understand how someone can sound so bad even WITH autotune’ 😉 – @alexisbabini

…It’s gotta be weird stuffing money into a stripper’s bikini when every bill has a photo of your grandmother printed on it.#FallonMono – @jimmyfallon

I’m off next week, so until I come back, please recombine the letters in this tweet into new ones for your enjoyment. – @StephenAtHome

I don’t blame Mubarak for what’s happening in Egypt. I blame his evil vizier Jafar. Who appoints a parrot to a cabinet position? – @StephenAtHome

@HartHanson lol thank u but let’s be honest the boobs are the best part:) – @pejvahdat

A girl goes into a bar and asks for an example of double entendre, so the barman gives her one #Ithankyou – @stephenfry

Hey, iPhone! Stop auto-correcting every swear word. That shut is annoying. – @funnyordie


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