“The Daredevil in the Mold”

I have yet to write anything about the TV series Bones because I didn’t want to show favoritism but after tonight’s episode, my opinions will no longer be mute. *Spoilers Ahead. If you haven’t watched “The Daredevil in the Mold” don’t continue reading*

First, the case was one of those that really just helped the episode transition in and out of the personal moments between our favorite characters. This BMX feature episode got up close and personal with some really nice tricks. And the trick that basically killed the victim was absolutely… and I never use this word… WICKED! (I really never use that word). The guy at the end of the episode said it best, “It would’ve been EPIC.” He was completely correct. I also really enjoyed Angela in this episode. As much as they haven’t really featured any of her hormonal rants, they made up for it tonight. I especially loved when she said that she wouldn’t let her child do anything death-defying until he could pay his own health insurance. And the return of our favorite stalker Noel was unexpected and awesome all at the same time. Please bring him back more often.

So now, I have to admit it, I really liked Hannah. That’s right, I’m a HUGE Brennan and Booth fan but I really thought that for this particular moment in the series, Hannah was an excellent fit for Booth. He deserved to have someone after the whole, “You need protecting from me,” debacle this time last year. However, after tonight’s episode, she’s a bitch. Sorry Hannah, I was on your side and then you messed with my man Seely. Nobody messes with Seely and gets away with it. So he proposes and she says no. “I’m not the marrying kind.” The look on Booth’s face was horrific. So much so that I had my hands over my mouth for the rest of the scene. Let’s remember, Cam gave a good example to Brennan once about Booth and how he reacts to things. Example: “Once I told Booth what I thought about Jared and he didn’t speak to me for 6 months.” So when Hannah suggested to “just go back to the way things were,” it didn’t surprise me that Booth ignored her and simply said, “How long do you need?”

Hanson and Nathan made me cry again, in one year. The final scene with Booth and Brennan broke my heart. Or in the words of Brennan, it was “heart crushing.” Booth goes on a tangent about his past relationships ending in women not wanting what “I have to offer,” and how mad he is at them. Personally, I don’t blame the guy. I’d hate them too. The conversation ends with Booth giving Brennan two options, one being that she have a drink with him and go on with life the way they’ve been doing things or leave. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Brennan stays for that drink. Rating: 5 HUGE STARS!

My conclusion, that “new development” Nathan mentioned in several interviews about this episode, is soon to come. However, I do think that what we’re expecting to happen, isn’t going to happen. What do you think is to come for our favorite crime fighting team? Comment away!


4 thoughts on ““The Daredevil in the Mold”

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  2. Heart crushing for Booth, but I guess that was the only way for Booth’s character to remain true to himself and start the process of getting passed the hannah arc.

  3. I couldn’t agree more—except for the part about Hannah being the perfect fit for Booth at this point in the series. Bones will always be his perfect fit. I like how they have left Booth searing with bottled-up emotional energy. This is the sort of set up that can have powerful possibilities for an explosive “finally” moment for B/B. I just hope HH and SN realize that it’s been long-enough in coming and hope they don’t keep up waiting too long. Great episode! 5 stars from me too!

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