2011 Grammy Performances Wrap Up

Every year I have friends ask me what I thought of the Grammys. So here’s my chance to kill the middle man and just say what I have to say and not have anyone hear more than one version. In an attempt to keep this short, I’m only going to use one sentence to describe each performance. Here’s my thoughts for the 2011 Grammy Award Performances.

For the first song, too many random industry divas trying to one up each other on one stage. They should’ve seen that coming. Lady Gaga, it would’ve been actual birth if you had to rip your way out of that very Matrix looking pod. Miranda Lambert, it really bothered me to sit and listen to all of that song. Muse, You can’t help but get up, jump up  and down to this song and sing, “They will not control us, And we will be victorious. COME ON!” “Beautiful Girls,” Bruno Mars and B.O.B. have won my heart. The black and white effect was cool and appropriate. Janelle Monae was really not good… what the hell was going on. Justin Bieber is not worth my opinion or time to formulate that opinion. That’s right I’m a bitch. So shoot me.  I want to Usher from the 90’s back. Mumford & Sons+The Avett Brothers+Bob Dylan= EPIC TRAIN WRECK.

And then there are groups like Lady Antebellum that demand, never disappoint and what else can I say other than, they’ve got “it.”Cee Lo Green and Gwyneth Paltrow ROCKED IT! Out of all the times I’ve seen Katy Perry Live on a show of any kind, this is the best I’ve ever seen her perform. Thank you John Mayer, Keith Urban and Norah Jones for that awesome acoustic tribute to Dolly Parton. Rihanna has bronchitis so she sucked even more than usual, Alex Lambert killed those harmonies, Eminem has really impressed me this year and Dre is just classic and it’s hard not to like him. Arcade Fire, talk about the sound man being able to make or break your performance. Only Mick Jagger would come out in a cap and then be one of the best performances of the night. I know Drake is rapping and I like him but Rihanna is really driving me crazy already.

Final Comments: It’s sad because I knew who was going to win most of the awards because they performed. I thought they were gonna get away from that tradition. And is it just me or have the Grammys turned into a performance only show with a couple of awards thrown in?

Rating: 2 incredibly tiny stars


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