“Gabriel Iglesias: Everything’s Bigger in Texas”

Let’s talk friends. It’s late, I have a good kind of headache, and there is only one thing on my mind. “I’m not Fat, I’m Fluffy.” If that’s the first time you’ve read or heard that phrase, I command you know to go now to fluffyguy.com, click on videos and enjoy. I promise, if you find humor in any and everything, you will not be disappointed.

Tonight, just about an hour ago, comedian Gabriel Iglesias exited the Verizon Stage to a standing ovation. It was the second sold out show this weekend for Iglesias and he even decided to add a third show to is tour here in Houston. As asked by the production teamed and Iglesias, details of jokes told tonight will not be revealed here. As tempting as it is for me to rant on and on about the jokes that had me rolling on the floor so hard that I left with a headache that is currently lingering, I will resist. Some of his openers were able to get some hard laughs from the audience, others were sadly not so lucky. It’s a sad story in this industry but a truth that some have come to terms with.

When Gabriel took the stage, the audience went up in a roar. You would’ve thought you were at a rock concert instead of a stand-up show. He came out explaining that he had injured his knee and wasn’t going to be running around the stage. Instead of letting it be an impediment, he went on telling stories about everything from politics to family, stupid mistakes to racists pranks and so much more. There’s something about this fluffy guy that just can’t be denied. As they say in the music business, he’s got ‘it.’ As he told a stream of old jokes, the fans said the words along with him, “I heard you Houston!” He went on to describe himself as a “comedian mariachi, just make a request.” Iglesias went over his end time by an hour. It was two hours of endless laughter and extreme tears. Even with jokes that weren’t understood by everyone, Iglesias took the time to explain, “It’s not as funny but at least now you get it.” As the night went on, the crowd begged for more and more is exactly what we got. With every story, the laughter grew. Gabriel brought everything and held nothing back. It was better than any of us could’ve imagined and if you aren’t convinced just yet, go watch those videos and hit me up in the morning.

Thank you Fluffy. My head is still killing me.


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