The International Book Fair of Cuba

I was going to go into deep detail and explain everything on this subject but alas, I have decided that it would be simpler to just sum up. Apparently, Cuba spent the weekend “boasting” about their International Book Fair. A book fair that I’ve never heard anything about. It’s been going on for the past 20 years and brings in quite a few America and European visitors. “The fair is oriented toward the reader… as a chance to acquire books and have a dialogue with the authors, both Cubans and foreigners,” Edel Morales said to the Associated Press. “It is a notable difference to others in the world where people rarely attend. Here it is the people who make the fair.” The event lists more than 60 national exhibitors including publishers and regional cultural centers, 2,400 titles for sale and an estimated 6 million people will attend. “I am excited to see so many people,” Abigail Garrido of Urano Mexico, said. “We sell more here than in any book fair in my country. I think that for small publishers, it is a good opportunity.” To finish reading the article with more details, click on this link.

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