Charlie Sheen the “Winner”

Charlie Sheen has been the topic of just about every news report because of his recent rantings and ramblings both on camera and off.  With the loss of his Publicist, he has been in charge of his own publicity and therefore is currently in almost every entertainment magazine and newspaper in the country. He even acquired a Twitter Account and within one day managed to get around million followers. As of today, he has 1,573,137 followers. With too many articles to choose from, I somehow got it down to four.

One that I found particularly interesting was from by writer Ed Cumming, who said that Sheen’s recent outbreak isn’t a tragedy, its entertainment. Before you lose your head, he does make some very good points. One being that Sheen is a celebrity that makes more money than any other celebrity in television and can therefore, say and do, when and where he wants because in the end, he’s not really hurting anyone but himself. The second point being that “Tragedy is a nascent civil war in Libya, or mass homelessness, or children who cannot go to school. It is not one man’s self-destruction.” Cumming’s also added a video of some of Sheen’s most “entertaining” ramblings from interviews including the taped conversation of Sheen to his Producer Chuck Lorre during which he called Lorre’s production “tin cans.”

To add more fuel to the fire of insane possibilities, the last tweet he posted gave his readers the title of his supposed tell-all book, “Apocalypse Me.” The tweet read, “the title of my book has finally been delivered thru vast and extensive Lunar channels. “Apocalypse Me” Warlock Latin for WINNING.” Where the hell he got “Lunar Channels” from I have absolutely NO idea. But I have to give him props for the title since it kinda speaks for him. said, “The title is actually quite brilliant: “Apocalypse Me” succinctly and poetically describes the nuclear holocaust that’s been his professional, private, and personal life as of late.”

Honestly, I think the man has lots of freakin’ mind and someone should smack him with a stupid stick. What do you think? Comment AWAY!


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