Pope Bendict’s “Jesus of Nazareth: Holy Week”

I usually make it a point to never talk Politics or Religion but I simply couldn’t pass this one up because of the mere fascination I had with the title. “Pope’s Book on Jesus condemns religious violence,” is the headline. How can anyone resist that title? I clicked on the link and found out that earlier this week Pope Bendict released his continuation novel “Jesus of Nazareth: Holy Week: From the Entrance into Jerusalem to the Resurrection.”

One of the more talked about sections of this particularly interesting book is when Pope Bendict brings up the discussion of who exactly was responsible for the death of Jesus. Benedict says that it was the “Temple aristocracy,” not the Jews that condemned Jesus to death. “There were some Jewish leaders involved in the demise of Jesus, in particular Annas and Caiaphas, the same family who later were responsible for the demise of Jesus’ brother James in A.D. 62.  Nevertheless, Jesus was executed at the behest of Pilate, and by Romans,” Written by critic Ben Witherington when discussing several “exegetical and theological insights” given to us by Bendict.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wrote to the Pope with words of gratitude, “Your Holiness, I commend you for forcefully rejecting in your recent book a false charge that has been the foundation for the hatred of the Jewish people for many centuries. My fervent hope is that your clarity and courage will strengthen the relations between Jews and Christians throughout the world and help promote peace and reconciliation for generations to come.”


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