The Sheen Update

There have been a couple of things going on in the news lately but this week’s reports have been coming from two different sources, Charlie Sheen and the Pope. Let’s stick with the easier one first.

So, as we all know by now, Sheen has a twitter account that he is practically living on and with all the publicity he’s been getting lately, how the hell are we supposed to just push him to the side? Well reported Wednesday by CNN Entertainment, Adult Film Company Vivid Entertainment, sent a letter to Sheen requesting that he consider working on one of their films. (Thank you Vivid for adding more fuel to this already country wide fire) In the letter Steven Hirsch, founder and co-chairman of the company, said, “We think it would be great if you would come in and direct the movie,” Currently set to be a spoof called “Two and a Half Women.” “You pick the scenarios, positions, etc. The fact that you are the ultimate connoisseur of adult films would definitely work to your advantage.” “In any event, the set is yours… the whole world will be watching.” How’s that for an ego rub? As of today there have been no reports as to whether or not Sheen has actually read or talked to Hirsch regarding this request. Here’s to hoping that this doesn’t turn into another celebrity sex tapes that gets leaked on to youtube.

In other Sheen news: Sheen filled a lawsuit thursday against Warner Bros. and the executive producer of “Two and a Half Men,” for “$100 million lawsuit seeking to recoup his salary and wages for the show’s crew.” It goes on to say that it’s a “breach of contract lawsuit” claiming that the reason they stopped recording the show was to punish Sheen for his “recent behavior… [including] a series of interviews in which he has attacked executive producer Chuck Lorre.” Oh wait! It gets better! According to Sheen, Warner Bros. let Lorre punish Sheen and that the producer and studio “conspired to blame the actor for causing production stop.” Yes, it was a conspiracy because it wouldn’t make sense if it was actually what happened…. right. (For those who don’t get it, that was sarcasm.)


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