If you watched last night, you know that New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys performed their new collaborated single “Don’t Turn Out the Lights” on Dancing with the Stars. As I had been waiting for last night’s performance to actually listen to the song, I was pleasantly surprised. First, if I was a reviewer for Rolling Stone I would say the song was boring, unoriginal and so mainstream it makes me sick. However, I’m not a reviewer for RS.

The song is catchy and upbeat, so I could definitely hear the song bumpin’ in a club. However, I am a little surprised at how much both groups have basically given up and just said, “let’s go mainstream.” With its catchy words and beat, you better believe by the time I watched it the second time around, I was singing the chorus. I have to give the “men” mad props for singing without ANY effects on their voices as well. It’s not that effects are a necessity but sometimes their just nice to have to make the struggles a light easier. There were places where I could hear the pitchy voices singing solos but considering that they even sang LIVE, that’s what separates them for all of our current mainstream performers. And the icing on the cake was the choreography. For “men” they still move like they’re “boys.” And this isn’t easy step-touch choreography. We’re talking about ball change-pivot-cross over-turn. By the end of the song, I was wishing for more. I love it and I know I’ll sing a long with it every time I hear it. Good Show NKOTBSB! 4 Stars

Missed the performance? Check it out RIGHT HERE!

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