Sony Online Hacking Explained and Blamed

With so many different things going on this story seemed to fall through the cracks of my inbox and suddenly, without warning, there the headlines were to grab my attention. Apparently the whole thing started back in April with the first breach of PlayStation Network and Qriocity service accounts. Sony then quickly realized that the hacking happened through their online services. Tuesday the number raised to 100 million. The multiplayer games that are effected (as of Tuesday) are EverQuest II and Clone Wars Adventures. According to the SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) Website, Sony has temporarily suspended all online multiplayer SOE games “until we could verify their security.”

And just when you think everything is in control, here’s where Sony lays in the blame. Reported Yesterday, SOE is blaming a “very carefully planned, very professional, highly sophisticated criminal cyber attack designed to steal personal and credit card information,” for their little hacking problem. In an 8 page letter to Congress, chairman of the board of directors for SCEA, Kazuo Hirai, said that the attack was first detected by unauthorized activity in the network system, investigated, revealed that personal information had been stolen, and finally users were informed.

Although SOE is currently blaming the hacker collective “Anonymous” for this problem, the collective takes no credit for the action and further states that it’s not in the collective behavior to steal personal information and credit cards. This blame comes into play for one piece of evidence that has gone unexplained by both parties. While investigating the hacking, analysts found a file titled “Anonymous” that contained part of the group’s slogan, “We are Legion.” And with that, SOE gave the blame to the collective either as a “conspirator” or as a “cover” for someone else. Anonymous responded with this statement, “While we are a distributed and decentralized group, our “leadership” does not condone credit card theft.”

Well that makes me feel better. What do you think?

One thought on “Sony Online Hacking Explained and Blamed

  1. Anonymous putting that signature in the code is like a murderer signing their name with a knife in their victim. That’s just stupid. I would hope that Anonymous is not that dumb… or perhaps they signed their name so that we would think that it would be dumb for them to do that and thus not even think they would be the culprit… Ohhh… so maybe they are actually geniuses.

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