MTV Music Coordinator Killed

As reported earlier this week Gabriel Aron Ben-Meir, MTV Music Coordinator, was found shot just a few steps from his front door in Mid-Wilshire. The shooting came as a huge surprise to family, co-workers and residents.  With a current string of armed robberies in the area, police believed that Bem-Meir was one of victims. On Thursdays, Los Angeles police arrested Jabaar Vicnent Thomas, Destiny Young and Richard Edward Anderson in connection with the armed robberies. Police would not disclose any evidence or witness statements that linked Thomas and Young to these crimes. However authorities did mention that the string of robberies involved the use of a shotgun and the same type of weapon was used on Ben-Meir. Yesterday, the Los Angeles Police charged Destiny Young with robbery and the slaying of Ben-Meir’s, while Thomas and Anderson were charged with the robberies. But prosecutors have asked the LAPD for more evidence about whether the pair also should be charged in Ben-Meir’s killing.

Thomas and Young are suspected of committing at least nine armed robberies in the last two weeks. Young does not appear to have a criminal history, however Thomas is reported to be a reputed gang member who was released from prison in December and Anderson was on parole for being in possession of a controlled substance.


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