“The Change In The Game” Changes Everything

So here’s the skinny, we see a much calmer version of our favorite dynamic crime fighting duo in a different type of lighting. More specifically, the yellow high watt institutional lighting brought to you by your local bowling alley. They go undercover with Max to solve the murder of a bowling league member and you can guess how the case goes from there. Even though I was expecting a clichéd murderer, Hanson, Nathan and the Bones writers room gave me someone not exactly expected. Let’s just say that I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t who I thought it was.

Along the way we get to see the wonderful couple that is Hodgela working up until the exact moment it’s time for Angela to really start pushing. The scenes between Michaela and TJ are by far the best of this episode. TJ’s delivery in his reaction to Michaela saying her water broke was flawless and absolutely hysterical. And Michaela, although having no experience in giving birth, had screams that convince just about anyone.

Buck and Wanda returned and this time they came walking straight out of a closet from 1985. Acid wash, permed hair, bed head covered by a baseball hat and horrifically over done make-up completed our favorite undercover couple. No one could say it better than Emily herself, ”I’m kinda like the missing member of Quiet Riot or Twisted Sister.”

And then comes the moment we were all told to wait for, “I’m pregnant. You’re the father.” I have to admit, as soon as that absolutely adorable loving smile grow across Booth’s face I flashed backward to the season 4 finale when coma Brennan told coma Booth that she was pregnant. However, as much as I’ve been waiting for the day for this power couple to couple, I’m slightly concerned that maybe Hanson and Nathan jumped the gun. I’m not saying I’m not happy about this because honestly, I’m ecstatic but there’s something about the whole thing that’s got my Bones world turned upside down.

Here are my questions: What happened to being a couple first? Are we going to see B&B more as parents than a couple? Yes, technically they’ve been together for 6 years but for this avid fan, (since it’s inception) I’ve never seen the two really be “together.” Does this mean we’re skipping over all the “couple” issues and going right into the parent ones? Are they ever gonna have a first date or date at all? And as most of us know, the FBI doesn’t allow couples to be partners. Therefore, would they break up B&B and if they do does that mean a new FBI guy/ forensic chick is going to come into play? And I guess my bottom line question is, if Emily wasn’t pregnant, would Brennan still be pregnant?

To close this out, I must say that I am very much so looking forward to all the fun the writers room is going to have for season 7. If they keep up with those one liners, they’re gonna have me on the floor. I’m especially looking forward to how they’re going to balance the absence of Emily and “The Finder” since it  found a place on FOX. I can’t wait to see what is going to happen next to everyone on the show, including my favorite new parents Jack and Angela.

It’s your turn, comment away and let me know what you thought of the season 6 finale.


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