Apple’s Cloud Music Service

Apple has come to “tentative agreements” with all of the “four” major labels to move forward with their own cloud-based music service. According to some familiar with the negotiations, Apple’s timing on launch really “would depend on how soon Apple can button down its contracts with the major labels and publishers.” And although it seems that the agreements are in place, Pham reported “it is unclear whether the Silicon Valley company has actual contracts with those labels or whether details of the agreements are still being ironed out.”

Some are saying that the launch of this new cloud-based music service could be seen as earlier as June 6th, which just so happens to also coincide with Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. Apple has said that this year’s WWDC will focus on the future of Mac OS X and iOS. With Amazon and Google already offering a cloud-based music service, Apple says that this streaming music service could offer a few benefits for users that Amazon and Google don’t have.

Should we be expecting Apple to launch on June 6th? Comment away.

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