Area 51 Uncensored

Annie Jacobsen’s “Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base,” has lots of critics and readers talking. Although the title seems to be a tease and make you want to read it for a SyFy explanation of what this military base really is, according to critics, the title is just that, a tease. Jacobsen eventually gets to the UFO’s but the entire book has been described as a “levelheaded, assertive account, revelatory but also mystifying.”

Jacobsen also talks about what the area is used for now. Part of Area 51 is devoted to the nuclear-weapons testing that began with the Manhattan Project, continued under the aegis of the Atomic Energy Commission and prompted The New York Times to tell tourists, in 1957, about a project called Operation Plumbbob: “This is the best time in history for the non-ancient but nonetheless honorable pastime of atom-bomb watching.” She also touches base on surveillance technology, aerial espionage, and its strategic importance throughout history.

To read more critic and fan reviews, click here.

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