Glee Finale in Fastforward

If I could just skip to all the important parts I would… Oh wait… I CAN! Just kidding. I’ll get through everything as most of tonight’s show is pretty easy to sum up in a couple of minutes. (SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen this episode don’t be mad if you keep reading!) We start with the club getting to NYC and trying to write songs in their hotel room. They end up writing a song about a cup. Quinn recommends walking around the city and soon enough we got our gleeks are walking around singing another Glee original up and down the streets of the city. And when I say streets, I really mean just Broadway and 42nd. After that Finn confides in the guys about Rachel and they persuade Finn to ask Rachel out on a date. On this “work date,” as they called it, Patti Lupone managed to give her two cents while leaving the famous NY restaurant “Sardi’s,” “He’s cute.” They leave, the rest of our gleek boys show up and sing “Bella Notte.” Finn goes in to kiss Rachel and she says, “I can’t,”… Twice.

Kurt wakes up Rachel early to have Breakfast at Tiffany’s. They then proceed to break into the theater where “Wicked” is showing and sing the final number “For Good” to help Rachel decide between her dreams and Finn. Quinn has a tantrum over Rachel and Finn which results in Santana and Brittany giving her a hair cut. The club arrives at the competition, Rachel helps Sunshine with her stage freight, Rachel tells Finn that nothing and no one will keep her from her dreams, Finn kisses Rachel at the end of their first song, Jesse calls Finn unprofessional and finally, New Directions doesn’t place in the top ten. By the final frame of the episode, Kurt and Blaine said I love you to each other, we see Mercedes and Sam holding hands, Finn and Rachel get back together, and Mr. Schu says to the club, “Wanna see what 12th place looks like?”

And now here’s what went through my mind. 1: Why has this show gotten so childish? I remember when I was actually excited to watch the show every week. Now it’s like my day-time soaps. 2. Are they really going to keep doing originals? I’m not hating on the ones they’ve got now. The slow tempo songs they’ve done are AWESOME and the chorus’ are really very catchy but the up tempo verses, it’s like they just needed a series of words to get to the important part. 3. We are finally going to stop playing mix and match with the Glee couples? I know its high school but come on ladies and gentlemen, this is not Days Of Our Lives. And finally, 4. What’s with the semi-predictable season ender? Come on, last year they didn’t place at regional’s. This year they don’t place at nationals. What’s next year? I’m kinda curious as to what is going to happen next year too? As much as this season didn’t really GRAB my attention, I’ll be there next September. If not for the story, definitely for the music.

Got any thoughts? Share them! Comment away below. What do you think is going to happen next year?

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