Celebrating Marilyn Monroe’s 85th Birthday

In Houston Brent Earl, past president of the Livingston Arts Council, is excited to present “A Celebration of Marilyn Monroe,” at The Opera House in downtown Howell. “No. 1, she was glamorous. I think that glamour is something that attracts everyone. Then, she died so young. That immortal image of her is burned into your brain. She was at her prime, and she passed at that (young) age like James Dean.” The event will celebrate Monroe’s charm and charisma, wit and wisdom, life and legacy in honor of her 85th birthday. It will feature performances of the show “Marilyn! Babydoll Reflects,” live music, a silent auction, a Monroe Look-ALike contest and an exhibit of memorabilia.

“This is a big deal for The Opera House. It’s the biggest fundraiser we’ve ever put on. Whoever comes to this will have a good time,” Earl said. As any celebration helps out a good cause, this celebration will go towards the restoration effort for The Opera House. The event is running June 10th through the 12th. Friday night only includes a “Sneak-Peak” of the stage performance while the show will do full runs on Saturday and Sunday. And if you don’t get the chance to head out this weekend to see the show, Bosarge (the loaner of the sizable collection of memorabilia) will continue their exhibit memorabilia exhibit stay until June 25th. It’s a three-day event celebrating Marilyn Monroe that will last a life-time. Happy 85th Marilyn! We are truly missed.


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