Justin Timberlake might not continue in music

So when I saw this, one I wasn’t surprised and two I knew plenty of people out there that are loyal JT fans would be all over this story and want to know exactly what he said. So here’s the skinny kids, in his recent interview with Vanity Fair JT said, “I really don’t know. I wouldn’t say I’m not going to put out another one. I would say that would be a bad bet, if you were betting. But I could see myself doing one more big tour.” Being a triple threat, you really could beat that this isn’t the end of JT’s career. ” I’ve never really given myself the opportunity to be spontaneous,” he explains. “I figure I can go on like this until the end of the year. I don’t have anything I have to do. The only job I have to do is promote the films that are coming out, and I’m really looking forward to that. It will be fun. I’ll get to go to a bunch of countries, hang out.” So really, we can expect to see him again but maybe just in some “spontaneous” creative outlet instead of his usual pop stardom. For those REALLY dedicated fans, JT did mention in an interview with EW that, “I could wake up next year one day and be like, ‘Hey, I want to go on tour again, so I want to put a record out.'” I hope that gives you all some happy news that makes you all warm inside.

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