NKOTBSB in Houston: A long time coming…

Tonight was special for plenty of the woman who populate Houston, TX but for me, tonight was special for one reason, a chance to relive some of my favorite childhood memories. New Kids on the Block entered my life around 4 and yes you better believe that I had a Joey McIntyre figurine. Backstreet Boys entered my life around 9 with a song the “men” have said isn’t their favorite, “If You Want It To Be Good Girl (Get Yourself a Bad Boy).” And so tonight, at the Toyota Center in Houston,TX I got the “Once in a Life Time” chance to see these two epic “boy bands” come together.

First I have to give HUGE props to the back bone of these performers, the band. I know the guys introduced the band members, but with all the screams, not a word was heard. The guitar player was on that instrument like butter on toast. The drummer worked harder than any drummer should ever have to, playing both an acoustic and electric drum kit. But only the most talented musicians can keep up with a song list of over 3 decades of music. The bass player was in the background making his impact just as he should and the keyboard player/ music director looked like by the end of the first song, he had already started sweating profusely. Together they did more justice than any devoted fan could ask for.

New Kids did so much tonight but there were two songs in the concert that really blew my mind. One sung by Joey McIntyre (“Please Don’t Go Girl”) and the other sung by Jordan Knight (“I’ll Be Loving You Forever”). Both remarkably talented vocalists and both leaving me still reeling in their smooth and beautiful tenor and falsetto abilities. Us fans now that 20 years ago they both could sing those high parts because of their age but being 20 years later and they still have the ability to sing the same parts, that my friends is musical talent. This is not to say that the rest of the guys weren’t absolutely amazing either, it just so happens that Joey and Jordan left me saying, “Damn. That was good.” Living in bean town for some time gave me an upper hand when the guys came out in their Celtics Jerseys for the encore performance of “Hangin’ Tough.” However, I have to say Donny, you putting a Red Sox’s ‘B’ on a cowboy hat was just wrong. Shame, Shame Buddy.

The last time I saw BSB was 10 years ago at the Houston Summit when it was still the Summit and not Lakewood Church. And they impressed the hell out of me back then. It was the Millenium Tour and I got the pleasure of enjoying my favorite “boy band” from the nose bleeds. This time I got better seats and double the fun. Although I will always give a majority of my favoritism to BSB, I have to say, I was expecting more up beat stuff from my favorite boys. I’m not complaining because let’s face it, “10,000 Promises,” “I’ll Never Break Your Heart,” and “All I Have to Give” (to name a few) are classics and NEVER  a disappointment. I  just was expecting some “happier” stuff from the boys. Maybe even a song or two from the newest album “This Is Us.” However, I was MORE than satisfied when they came out for “Get Down” and “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back),” and yes, I was doing the dance right along with them. I really also have to say that it takes a lot for a vocalist to step out on a stage with half a voice and although this happened to both Nick and Brian, they still managed to bring everything they had to the performance and most of the time, the cracks went unnoticed. I did forget to mention one thing. There was a part when the boys sang a cappella and vocally, it left me saying, “Sing like that all the time please.” Maybe they should consider putting out an a cappella album. Um…

At the end of the night, I could’ve literally stayed just to listen to them sing around a table. The dancing was absolutely precise and damn good. And the best part, it was actually a LIVE show. They had everything from feed back to cracks in their voices. There wasn’t a part of this concert that was disappointing because of the beautiful reality of it all. There was no auto tune, no pre-recorded voices, no half assed dance moves, everything was full on and fully energized. Yes, the treble was too high and the bass was too loud and the kick drum was really muddy but these are only problems you get in a live show and I’m pretty sure that even with all the problems (that, let’s be real, only a musician would notice) there isn’t a fan in that audience that didn’t fully enjoy themselves.

So thank you NKOTBSB for making this long time fan very happy and leaving her on cloud nine, even if only for 4 or 5 hours on a Saturday night. There isn’t a minute of my life that I want back from tonight’s performance. It’s been a long time coming. Next stop, getting on the BSB Cruise! Hopefully I’ll get there.


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