NBC’s The Voice: Why it went from Good to American Idol

With the premiere of NBC’s “The Voice,” excitement consumed my mind because for once, it was a Vocal Talent Search show. Emphasis on “vocal.” The audition process seemed pretty simple and actually made plenty of sense. Once the competition got into full swing, there seemed to be flaws seeping through the edges of the TV. In my efforts to not spoil my opinion of the show, I stopped watching. Until tonight. And what a mistake it was.

I mean this with all the sincerity this musician can give, when did this turn into American Idol again? I was completely upset to find out that Christina kicked off Frenchie, because let’s face it, she was the best vocalist even back when she kicked off American Idol. Cee Lo’s team was minus his only good vocalists Tje and Curtis. Blake said goodbye to his only vocalist Patrick and Adam lost his solid country vocalist Jeff. Instead we’re felt with okay singers that would win American Idol. I realize that this is very cut throat and some might even be offended or think I’m being rude, but the truth hurts baby. And if you can’t take it, you’re in the wrong business.

Here’s a break down of what happened tonight: Javier sang an original song that really should’ve been sung by a girl. Sorry Adam, but as soon as I heard the chorus all I could think was, “Sarah Bareilles would sing this better.” Javier later sang “Man in The Mirror” with Adam. The good news for this team, Javier is the best vocalist of all the contestants left. He should win. Dia sang an original song that drove me insane for the simple fact that her breathing was SO bad. Every time she breaths it sounds like hiccups and it doesn’t sound good. I’m sorry Dia but there’s nothing unique about breathing wrong. She sang Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down,”  with Blake… and… yea. Moving on. Vicci sang an original song that she continuously went flat on and when she sang “Love Is A Battlefield” with Cee Lo… Let’s just say I had to mute the TV.  Beverly sang “I Am Beautiful” with Christina and it was like a battle for best run. I love that song and it still kills me every time I hear it. Her original song actually matched her vocal ability and her personality. Good news for this team, she just might win.

Agree or disagree, I’m not too sure what I’m gonna do next season. I’m more on the “no” side of the fence than the “yes” side of the fence. Got a comment? Leave one below. Let me know who you think is gonna win tomorrow night.


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