Happy Birthday MTV

So MTV celebrated its 30th birthday Monday and although you would think there would be A LOT more news about it, there hasn’t been too much to reach the music world. Other than the occasionally mention and I think one or two commercials showed something and honestly, if I hadn’t read articles everyday, I wouldn’t have remembered that it was the channels celebration day. To get to the end of this story, I thought it would be nice to mention what some other people have been talking about during the week of MTV’s launch with the 80’s hit, “Video Killed the Radio Star.” The general consensus has come to this, MTV ain’t what it used to be.

“While is it naive to expect nothing to change over three decades, today’s MTV is truly a shadow of its former self with less videos, generic playlist and overloaded with reality shows that would insult the intelligence of someone deemed to be ‘minimally exceptional,'” Chris Cordani of Examiner.com said earlier this week. Although this seems like a very hard way of saying, MTV sucks now, he goes on to say that in the early years of MTV, it was THE break through “all-music-video cable entity.” Which is more than accurate. An LA Times writer said it, “used to stand for Music Television but now stands for whatever combination of youth-oriented programming the network is airing at the time…. your MTV already may not be your children’s.” Which again, is completely accurate.

With this channel going from 24/7 airing of Music Video to 24/7 Reality TV, there really isn’t any surprise to me or much of the other people in the music world, that people just don’t care to watch the channel anymore. Well, surprise, surprise friends, MTV still has four of the top 15 most-watched shows on cable. Could this mean that maybe they just got the idea right or maybe there’s just more viewers in reality tv? Either way, I know, “I want my MTV” BACK!


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