“Moves Like Jagger” Video!

Okay, so as much as I am up for any time I get to stare at Adam Levine half-naked, I’m still not sure how I feel about this music video. There’s no precise concept other than the “Mick Jagger” general theme and the whole “moves” is just the same wacky dances moves that Jagger has perfected over many years of performing. I will say that although I wasn’t exactly elated about the song when they performed it on “The Voice,” after listening to it and watching the video, it’s kinda catchy. The best parts all involve Jagger himself. The beginning and the end of the video features him during an old interview. He’s asked if he plans on continuing his career after two years. His reply, “I don’t know. I didn’t even think I’d be doing it for two years.” The black and white film was an excellent touch to add to the wonderful bright and oh so retro clothes they provided for the cast of the video. The only ones that were off-putting, when it came to the costumes, were the leads, Levine and Aguilera. If you’re gonna put everyone else in flower power clothes, they need to be wearing clothes from that era. All in all, it’s not a bad time. It’s full of bright colors and fun moves for your viewing pleasure. Haven’t seen it yet? Have a different opinion? Leave a comment below and Enjoy the video brought to you by VEVO. (No Copyright Infringement Intended)

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