Music Publishers make a deal with YouTube

You know all those YouTube videos that keep getting taken down for copyright problems? Well that might just not happen too much anymore. Why, you ask? Believe it or not, YouTube and those pesky Music Publishers have finally stuck a deal. “Music Publishers can license Google the right to sync their music with videos posted by YouTube users and YouTube will pay the royalties,” printed by CNET. In other words, YouTube will get the sync licenses and pay the Music Publishers the royalties. David Israelite, CEO of NMPA stated, “We are pleased to have resolved NMPA’s litigation claims and to work with YouTube in providing a new licensing opportunity for songwriters and publishers. This is a positive conclusion for all parties and one that recognizes and compensates the work for songwriters and publishers going forward.”

YouTube released a full statement with further explanation on their Blog. Elizabeth Moody wrote, “With today’s deal and advances in Content ID technology, we’re continuing our recognition of songwriters for their artistic contribution by supporting them with an additional revenue stream to help their future creative pursuits.”

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