Starbucks NEWEST “Pick of the Week”

With all the time I spend in Starbucks, I know that I always pick up whatever “Pick of the Week” is out. Free new music is always a plus when you leave a place that charges $4 for a cup of coffee. But now with this news, I’ll make sure to pick them up every time I step into a Starbucks. This week, Starbucks is expanding their Pick of the Week Program and adding applications, TV shows, and “expanded” samples of books through iTunes Music and the App Store. So right now, if you’re at a Starbucks or going to Starbucks might I suggest you pick up this weeks pick because it is the app Shazam Encore. If you don’t make it to your favorite coffee spot this week, no worries, next week’s pick is the game Spy Mouse.

Although the music, apps and TV shows are the full editions on iTunes, users that pick up any Books of the Week will only get an expanded preview of the book, not a full copy. According to Adam Brotman, senior vice president and general manager of Digital Venture at Starbucks, “We’ve been working hard with Apple to make sure it’s a substantial expanded preview.” He went on to say that this “expanded” preview should be up to three times as long as a typical preview depending on the book and the publisher.  And as for deciding on what gets to be a pick of the week, Brotman only said that selections were made as a collaboration between Starbucks and Apple. “This is very similar to the Starbucks Digital Network in partnership with Yahoo type of arrangement, where Starbucks is looking to curate things we think are great for our customers to see or discover in exchange for exposure.”

Have you picked up your pick of the week? Leave a comment!


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