Step aside LIVE NATION, Here Comes AEG!

I never thought I’d ever say this because well… its LIVE Nation but the news is bruing and the cyber world is chatting away about AEG being LIVE Nations lasted arch-nemesis. I know what you’re thinking… HOW can this be possible? Well there’s the 411 friends. Turns out AEG has launched a website for its new site Which means that tickets, for such AEG venues as the Los Angeles’ Staples Center and London’s O2 Arena, will be sold through this website starting August 27th. This partnership is between AEG and a start-up company called Outbox Enterprises. And get this, former CEO of Ticketmaster, Fred Rosen is the overseer for this new project.

Here’s how it works. With Outbox, venues will have more control over the ticketing operation and tickets will be available on the venues website. IE no more middleman a.k.a. Ticketmaster. Since AEG is still under the ruling by the Department of Justice, there haven’t been too many other details of this partnership revealed. With well over 100 venues across the globe, will the new AEG/Outbox partnership outgrow the already established LIVE Nation/Ticketmaster love? Just to make them squirm in their seats, I sure the hell hope so.

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