Fall TV 2011: Monday-Wednesday

It’s the time of the season for TV! (For the record that was sung along with the melody of “Time of the Season” by the Zombies.) I’m gonna do this real easy. It will be in order of days of the week and I will rank them in three different positions. The three rankings are (in best to worst order): MUST WATCH, Toss Up, and Time Waster.

Monday: CBS: How I Met Your Mother… gotta say I love Neal Patrick-Harris so he might just be the only reason by I tune in. TOSS UP. 2 Broke Girls… Kat Dennings really is a favorite of mine. She’s quick and has excellent response time in comedy. As for her co-star Beth Behrs, well, there’s not too many people who don’t enjoy a corky, overly ditzy blonde. MUST WATCH. Two and a Half Men… Gotta see where they’re gonna go. TOSS UP. Mike and Molly… two words: Melissa McCarthy. MUST WATCH. Hawaii Five-0… Who doesn’t love watching actors fighting crime on the island. The view is worth the watch. MUST WATCH.

NBC: The Sing Off… Yea I’m not excited about them being on for the whole season as opposed to 6 weeks in the winter. However, I’ll give it the attention it deserves. MUST WATCH. The Playboy Club… this cast has me more than excited about watching. However, I’m more than a little nervous about how this is going to go. TOSS UP.

FOX: Not gonna lie, Terra Nova… does anyone else see that this somehow looks like Jurassic Park? Time Waster. House… Love me some Hugh Laurie and he saves someone in jail. Now that’s what I call a badass. MUST WATCH.

ABC: Dancing with the Stars… I have no words for the people who are gonna be on this season. Time Waster. Castle… Also not gonna lie. Love the promos but have never watched a minute of this show. So we’re gonna just say that this one is a TOSS UP.

CW: For the record, I’m not going to waste my time on the CW. That’s  a long story in itself. TIME WASTER.

Tuesday: CBS: NCIS… well, Michael Weatherly is supposed to be showing a whole new side to DiNozzo and there’s something about discovering the leak in the agency in the season 9 opener. Call it a TOSS UP. NCIS: Los Angeles… this one is another TOSS UP. Unforgettable… Oh how I miss Poppy Montgomery and she’s just so darn good at playing the role of a detective. Whether or not the story line is going to stick is a completely different story. TOSS UP.

NBC: The Biggest Loser… Eh… Maybe if I’m bored on a Tuesday. TOSS UP. Parenthood… I watched the season premiere tonight and the real reason I’d watch the rest of the season is for one person, Jason Ritter. MUST WATCH.

FOX: Glee… woah. There’s no right answer here. I’m giving the premiere a chance but if they keep up with this childish, so none high school drama, I’m out. TOSS UP. New Girl… Zooey, Zooey, Zooey. I gotta say that I just want to watch to see her make a foul of herself. MUST WATCH. Raising Hope… Cloris Leachman is the best part of the show and now I just can’t wait to see what crazy things they’re going to have her do this season. MUST WATCH.

ABC: Last Man Standing… Always gotta give Tim Allen at least one chance. TOSS UP. Man Up! Yea.. I don’t see it lasting too long. TOSS UP. Body of Proof… awesome show, awesome cast, awesome whodunits. MUST WATCH.

Wednesday: CBS: Survivor… I am a heavy believer in hating against reality TV. So here’s my hating against the millionth season of Survivor. Time Waster. Criminal Minds… My god! With A.J. Cooke and Paget Brewster returning to the cast, I really can’t NOT tune in for this season. Keep up the awesome guest stars and the weird story lines. MUST WATCH. CSI: Well, they’ve got Ted Danson now so… TOSS UP.

NBC: Up All Night… Just for the weekly story lines coming up and all the reasons why a couple wouldn’t want have a baby, I gotta see what they come up with. MUST WATCH. Free Agents… All I needed to see was Hank Azaria. MUST WATCH. Harry’s Law… after last season?! Who wouldn’t want to watch Kathy Bates be a lawyer that likes being a pain in the ass. MUST WATCH. Law & Order: SVU…with Christopher Meloni not coming back this ones a TOSS UP.

FOX: The X Factor… TIME WASTER. I don’t even need to say anything to justify this. I Hate My Teenage Daughter… Yea, I don’t know about this one… Time Waster.

ABC: The Middle…TOSS UP. Suburgatory… it’s sad when you haven’t even heard of a show that’s premiering in two weeks. With this plot, it wouldn’t surprise me. Time Waster. Modern Family… Wit, Comedy, and a crazy family that is anything but modern really is one of the best comedies of the season. MUST WATCH. Happy Endings… um… TOSS UP. Revenge… I feel like this show is gonna be all hype and no bite. Time Waster.

Thursday-Sunday to come soon!

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