Fall TV 2011: Cable Stations

Sundays: SHOWTIME: Homeland… Claire Danes, Damian Lewis and Mandy Patinkin around out the cast that Howard Gordon, Alex Gansa, and Gideon Raff chose to bring this story of a U.S. soldier that has been MIA and presumed dead. Just from the clips I’ve watched its got me intrigued to say the least. TOSS UP. Dexter… With this seasons bad guy being Colin Hanks, it’s bound to be an interesting spin on the season. I will say that if you haven’t seen any of the promos, go watch them now. MUST WATCH

HBO: Boardwalk Empire…Is it enough to say that anything based in the 20’s is worth the watch for the style? If not for you, I promise there’s plenty out there that feel that way. With gangsters in the era of Capone, and a city that seems to have passed its high-roller days, HBO brings you a MUST WATCH. Hung… Only if you have a good sense of humor should you even think about watching this show. It puts sex on the map as the most casual action since the hand shake. This season brings our favorite “happy consultant” team a newer and younger competitor. I guess it really is time to just lay them out on the table and measure. MUST WATCH. How to Make it in America… I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t watch season 1 and from the looks of it, I probably won’t watch season 2. It’s not because it doesn’t seem like something I could get into so much as there’s something else I’d rather watch on Sundays. Like any of the shows above. TOSS UP.

AMC: The Walking Dead… If I can barely stand to watch the movies about zombies, why the hell would I even try to watch a weekly series about zombies. Time Waster. Hell on Wheels… Well I’m not flying out of my seat on this one. If you’re into old Westerns and stories about the rail road and Manifest Destiny, you might get into it. It seems all a little too dramatic to be “substantial.” Time Waster.

Mondays: HBO: Bored to Death… The title seems self-explanatory. And the trailer seems to give off the exact same sentiment. TOSS UP.  Enlightened… Laura Dern brings up this very interesting spin on what it means to be “enlightened.” It takes a complete melt down for her to go into treatment. When she comes back, she tries to “do something more with” her life. Co-Starring Luke Wilson, I’m not sure where to go with this one. TOSS UP.

Tuesday: SHOWTIME: Web Therapy… Honestly, I love Lisa Kudrow. She’s an amazing comedic actress. The guest stars on this show will really make or break it. For Kudrow’s sake, I hope it makes it. TOSS UP.

Wednesdays: FX: American Horror Story… So they move into this house that’s haunted and a bunch of crazy stuff happens. For some reason, I can’t keep my eyes off these “Clue” trailers FX has posted on Youtube. Creepy but strange and inviting, all at the same time. MUST WATCH.

Thursdays: FX: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia… There’s something about this sense of humor that I just don’t get. TOSS UP.

Saturday: Starz: Boss… Kelsey Grammer comes out in this strong and asshole role of the mayor of Chicago. The synopsis includes, “If he achieves through deception and troubling morality, so be it. As long as he gets the job done, they look the other way.” Talk about a tense day at work. Connie Nielsen co-stars as Grammer’s wife and from what I just say, she looks like more of a hard-ass than Grammer. I’ll give it a try. TOSS UP.

And that’s all she wrote folks. Comment below as the shows premiere. If you watch what I don’t, that gives me more to say. Happy Watching!

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