Opening Weekend: The Lion King 3D

For a limited time! Disney is releasing “The Lion King” in 3D in theaters across the nation. This is one of Disney’s classic 90’s animation movies that has managed to still make me cry every time Mufasa dies. It’s 89 minutes of classic Disney story telling and music to the viewing that much more enjoyable. For show times, simply google “The Lion King.” Google has times as the second result. Check out this wonderful movie in 3D. I just can’t wait, “Hakuna Matata.”

3 thoughts on “Opening Weekend: The Lion King 3D

    • Wow, I really agree with everything you said. Especially about how the technology change really impacted the movie. I always agree with the fact that both adults and kids can enjoy this movie. You’re really good with words. Thanks for the link!

      • That’s very kind of you, cemata. I’m glad you enjoyed the review. Keep up with your blog, and with pgtipsonfilms. I look forward to having many more discussions with you in time.

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