“Real Steel” is the Real Deal

Okay so I know that I totally said that I wasn’t sure about this movie and truth be told I have been wrong about a couple of movies before and I will now take back what I said  on my Opening Weekend from last weekend. I went into the theater last night thinking I was going to be slightly disappointed and in all actuality I left feeling like I just saw “Rocky” all over again. Yes, its robots and yes you’d think that story was about the robots but it surprised me by being more about the story of an estranged father son relationship.

The Robots stand alone in their world of the WRB where the super champion Zeus scares the pants off of every robot geek in the realm. The choreography for these fights were absolutely beautiful and to be honest much better than a lot of fights I’ve seen in the past couple of years. If you like the underdog and love movies that bring families together, “Real Steel” is the movie for you. By the final fight, every person in the AMC theater was rooting for the “People’s” choice, ATOM. At the end of the fight, if  ATOM the robot could talk, all he had to do was scream “Adrian!” for this to be Rocky.

In closing, this movie impressed me. Now I can’t wait to buy Rocky ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots with ATOM and Zeus.


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