Universal and Sony split EMI

After a long wait, we’ve finally got the end to the very interesting, very tragic (for some people) story. Back in  January we talked about how every little deal that was talked about was very “hush-hush.” Well today, it was reported and here is the final answer we have all been waiting for.  To put all of this in lamens terms EMI has officially been sold off in two separate pieces to Universal Music and Sony Corp. Let me explain. Universal bought the recording part of EMI for 1.9 billion and Sony bought the copyright division of EMI for 2.2 billion. I feel the need to remind you that the original company Terra Nova paid 6.2 billion for this company. Talk about losing value. Seeing as how this company has been sold and bought and traded and practically put through the meat grinder, it’s nice to see that there has been some final decisions made to put this trojan horse to rest.

What does this mean? Well, it sure the hell means that Universal and Sony are about to get real chummy and Warner and AG are gonna be sitting on the sidelines wishing they were apart of the “in crowd.” However, somethings telling me that although we lost another Super Power record label, that this just might be the beginning of the end of major labels. I know it’s been happening for a while now but EMI dying out might just light a fire under the butts of those friendly indie labels.

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