Tis the Season…

To apparently completely disregard Thanksgiving. For the past couple weeks there have been all kinds of “Holiday” commercials on that people keep telling me are really just “Holiday” commercials when in fact, I’m not STUPID, they’re “Christmas” commercials. In all honestly, I absolutely love Christmas, however, I don’t love Christmas when it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. Halloween ended and Christmas started. So much for the holiday in between! How could you completely forget about Thanksgiving?

Now I realized that Thanksgiving just isn’t a big enough “Shopping” holiday for anyone to care about it. Let’s face it. Thanksgiving as a holiday about food not presents and decorations. But seriously? This year, for some odd reason, stores, commercials, movies, songs, radio stations, hell even books, are all coming out with the Christmas Holiday sales. Hell, there are even stores that are now going to be OPEN THANKSGIVING DAY! What the HELL is that about? Thanksgiving has officially lost all of its gumption.

So here’s my request for this Thanksgiving. Please remember that this is the time to be thankful for being alive and being with family. For those without family, I hope you do find a place to be thankful. There’s always something to be thankful for.


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