Opening Weekend: “The Muppets” MAHNA MAHNA!

It’s very rare when I actually go out on an opening weekend to see a movie that just opened. As you know, I most often ask y’all to share how you feel about a movie to avoid seeing some movies that just aren’t up my alley. Well this weekend friends, I’ve got a BIG movie favorite for y’all to go see. Here it is, if you were as big a Muppets fan as I was growing up then you know that anything featuring the all-star cast of Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo, etc. is going to be anything but a waste of time. I left the theater happier than when I got there and in all honesty, it was all because of those catchy songs and wonderful childish dialogue that this 2011 Muppet Movie, made happy seem that much happier.

Co written and featuring Jason Segel, the story is about a puppet named Walter. He grows up feeling like something just isn’t the right and when he watches “The Muppets” tv show for the first time, he realizes his dream. After years of waiting, his brother Gary (Segel) and Gary’s girlfriend Mary (Amy Adams) take Walter to LA where he goes to the abandoned Muppets Studios for the first time. As the story unfolds the Muppets Studio is in trouble and Walter goes to Kermit to get the old gang back together to save what’s left of the legendary landmark.

I’m not going to give anything else away except this, it’s a fun and entertaining story that unravels ever so nicely with surprise visits from celebrities that will both surprise and not at all surprise you. The songs were very Muppet and hearing my favorite “Rainbow Connection” put the cherry on top of the sundae. It’s appropriate for kids and adults a like and the feel-good motto has never come across more clear. After a long hiatus, it’s more than nice to have my childhood friends back for a heart-warming 98 minutes of pure Muppet entertainment.

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