Holiday Mad House

This is one of those posts that I plan on not at all holding back so if you are easily offended or put off by rude or obscene language, move on to the next article. As we all know, holiday shopping can get pretty scary the closer it gets to the weekend of most celebrations. Well, listen closely folks because I’m only gonna say this once. DON’T GET IT TWISTED, MANNERS ARE ALWAYS APPROPRIATE. I’m walking around the mall with my mom and the entire time we’re running into all kinds of folks and no one says ANYTHING. Really? What the hell is your problem? Did your parents not teach you to say ‘excuse me’? or ‘pardon me’? I, of course, am walking around like a fool saying ‘excuse me,’ pardon me,’ or even ‘my bad, I’m sorry.’ Why? Because I believe is being respectful, unlike the 12-year-old on her cellphone talking mess with someone on the other line.  And please, NEVER use the “language barrier” excuse. ‘Pardon me’ is one of those phrases known universally. In closing, during this holiday season, maybe we should reflect on the ‘being polite to your neighbor’ rule and actual adapt ‘excuse me’ into our dialogue. Have a safe and happy holiday season.


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