ABC Cancels “Work It”

I’ll admit, I wasn’t really all over this show. In fact, all this show made me want to do was watch some old “Bosom Buddies” episodes. That was an awesome show and for good reason. However, ABC just couldn’t make this show work (no pun intended). The network sent a notice late Friday (Jan. 13) that it was pulling the show after just two episodes. Tuesday’s show drew 4.9 million viewers and a 1.5 rating among adults 18-49. Now usually, this would be the place where I just saw that it’s sad but not at all surprising however, there are a couple of things people are saying about this show that have to be outwardly called outlandish and over reacting. Some of the reviews for this show call it “Controversial.” To be more specific, GLAAD – the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, the LGBT, the Human Rights Campaign have been HIGHLY against this show staying on the air. Why you ask? I’ll tell you. The GLAAD ad read, “By encouraging the audience to laugh at the characters’ attempts at womanhood, the show gives license to similar treatment of transgender women.” Really? Because I thought it was just a show about two men with struggling families so desperate for work they go to the extreme and dress up as women for a job. If anything, what people should be mad about is the fact that the only reason they got the job is because they were women. The company they work at should be getting scrutinized for gender discrimination. “We only hire women because doctors wanna sleep with woman.” Really? If anything, the WRONG organizations are fighting against this show. Wow… talk about desperate times. ABC Entertainment Group President Paul told reporters, “I didn’t really get it. I loved Tootsie. I still love Tootsie. I didn’t get it. But that’s probably me.” Man oh man oh man. I’m telling you, don’t put me in Hollywood. Everyone would get fired.

One thought on “ABC Cancels “Work It”

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