The Amazingness of Philip DeFranco

So here it is straight to you on this wonderful Saturday morning. My brother tells me, “Hey Cris, this is where I get my news,” and I have to say, SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. This guy has a way of shooting you between the eyes so fast no one knows it’s coming. Now here I am writing about it because well… not gonna lie, the guy kinda inspired me to just sit here and ramble on about how awesome his reporting skills are. He gives you everything from International News to random Entertainment News reports that include, Paula Deen’s type 2 Diabetes, The Golden Globes and the products of Apple Inc. Apparently he’s been around the YouTube world for quite some time. Now I’m only telling you about this guy out of complete appreciation and respect I have for him after watching 4 videos. I hope this doesn’t give you an excuse to completely cut me out.

Enjoy the video posted below.

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