Music Piracy Delays called “disappointing”

According to the IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry), delays to the Digital Economy Act are the reasons for piracy still being high. Really? Because I thought the reason piracy is still high is because every “pirate” in the world knows that the music that is out now isn’t worth actually buying. Think about it, the only music that’s actually sold in the past year was re-released by epic musicians or brought to you by the wonderful Adele. However, our friends over in London have a lot of say about how WRONG the precious IFPI is. Pirate Party spokesman Andrew Robinson said that the report into the digital music sales is one-sided and highly selective of facts, saying it’s “not just wrong, it is ludicrous”. What’s so ridiculous? I’ll tell you.

According to research done by the IFPI, the UK is behind France where anti-piracy laws dropped 26%. But 28% of internet users still access “unlicensed” sites. The DEA has been changed and argued over, and has sent many interest services providers to court over its content. Let’s continue, France puts a peer-to-peer law in place but the IFPI said that ongoing piracy is hampering the industry’s attempts to monetize its move away from physical sales. To go further, according to the release by the IFPI, piracy is “rigging the market for legitimate services, stunting growth and jeopardising investment in music”. Also in the release, they claim that iTunes sales went up 23% because of the Hadopi Law. However, they neglect to mention that during the same period iPod sales went up substantially. Andrew Robinson goes on to say, “They are not getting rid of piracy through tough laws, they are just moving it around.”

The only thing I have left to say is this. 1) There is ALWAYS going to be piracy. Always. There’s always gonna be someone to find some loop-hole somewhere that it will NEVER go away. 2) Maybe if there was entertainment worth purchasing, we wouldn’t be having this problem. I’ll definitely keep up with everything that is going on, here and overseas.

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